Recurring Injury #893405 - Bursitis

Everyone who does a sport like this (or really any sport in general), knows that injuries are just part of the game.  Unless you're super careful, you are most likely not going to escape your lifetime of training unscathed (and frankly, if you do, you weren't doing it right anyways).  I myself have absolutely horrendous knees.  I wore away the cartilage a bit and just weakend them while I was an overweight teenager who decided that playing baseball (I was a catcher) was a good idea.  In my time I've had several legitimate knee injuries as well as constant minor aches and pains.  I've partially torn the medial meniscus in my right knee, dislocated it once, and dislocated the left twice.  My knees are terrible.  The latest curse that's been bestowed upon them is a slight case of bursitis.


Now bursitis is something that most people probably haven't heard of.  Its name comes from the fact that our joints (knee's in particular) have small fluid filled sacs in them at crucial points to aid in the smooth rotation, flexion, extension, and general movement of them.  They're called bursal sacs (or bursae, rather).  As we can clearly see from the concise wikipedia article on the subject (, it's caused from trauma to the knee.  Basically it's a bruise but in a very specific spot.  There's really only pain when I put a decent amount of pressure on it, and it'll clear up in a few days with a standard R.I.C.E. regimen.  Apparently my specific case has been denoted "Clergyman's Knee" (, which can, apparently, be a source of "knee pain" (gee, thanks wikipedia).


I can pinpoint a specific incident which I'm almost certain caused it.  During our marathon training session last Wednesday I had to sprawl like I've never sprawled before in order to stop my buddies freight train of a double leg.  I've got video of me slamming my knee straight into the ground in a sloppy as hell (but effective) sprawl, and also of me wincing in pain.  Damn you Erik.  Damn you.