Burgers, Beaches, Gringos

So even though it doesn't feel like I did a lot today, I most definitely did.  Woke up at a pretty regular time and updated the blog and dicked around on the internet for awhile.  A few of the guys decided they wanted some burgers and they showed me where the local supermarket is.  We came back and fired up the coals from the previous night and cooked up some pretty damned good burgers.


Christian, who's been travelling the world for the better part of 6 or so months, has also been sampling burgers in various locales, and asigning them delicious delicious belt levels.  Well this was the time for him to fire up his own and test his skills.  Some nice medium burgers with cheddar and/or blue cheese, some tomato and some of the best avocados I've ever had in my life.  They were pretty damned good.  I think someone said "definitely a purple belt, at the least".  Check out all of Christians work at his blog, BJJ Globetrotter.  It's pretty damned amazing.



After this we headed to Pepe beach to meet up with some of the guys who were already there.  We didn't do much except soak up some sun but the sightseeing was pretty damned amazing.  It's a good 20+ minute walk but it's totally worth it, and their is a lot to see and do along the way.


We walked on home, and I stopped with some of the guys for food.  I got my first taste of that sweet sweet true Brazilian acai.  It was fantasic.  I can see why people eat this stuff every day all the day.  Following this it was a bit of chilling before heading over to Gordo's.  We got 8 of the guys together to head on over for some late night Sunday training.  Only two of the guys brought their gi's so I joined in the rest of 'em with some no-gi, which I haven't done in forever.  It went well, some of the guys are insanely strong.  Despite my terrible no-gi skills I held my own but still got smashed by a few guys.  I got the chance to roll with Christian (a brown belt) and he has amazing technique.  I've already learned a few simple things that I've got to incorporate into my game which I'm sure will make me a ton better.  Oh, and while we were their Dos Anjos walked in and said hey.  That was pretty neat.


Now time to eat, hydrate, and rest up for actual training tomorrow.  Lookin' forward to it.