First Real Training

So I just got back from my first real, serious, gi training here in Rio.  I continue to learn an absurd amount every time I roll.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Dennis runs a special 2pm class just for the the foreigners that are staying at the house.  It's got a bit of a conditioning feel to it.  I must say, it's difficult, but the training that Erik put me through prior to coming here made it very bearable.  I'm gassed, as I'm still not used to being here yet, so I won't be going to the actual evening class, but I'm definitely gunning for the 8am morning class tomorrow.


We started off with some drills, a good amount of which I had seen before, especially from the 6 or 7 times I got to go to the Abmar run classes at Fairfax Jiu Jitsu.  The technique(s) we went over were a kimura based submission sequence from side control.  I apparently picked it up pretty quickly, and even got the chance to do one of them during our free rolling.  But before we did free rolling we did side control defense, where the person on bottom had to first do 20 burpees and then get immediately attacked.  The burpees weren't bad but getting immediately attacked afterwards is a pretty big surprise on your muscles.


Okeday, off to find an adapter!