Morning Training

So this morning I headed to the 8am class with a few of the guys.  Not a lot of them get up early enough to go to it, but I guess waking up at the ass crack of dawn for the last month had me geared up and ready to go.  There were about 12-15 people on the mats, 4 of the black belts.


We went over a back take / choke sequence when your opponent has turtled up.  Then we positional rolled that position and then we free rolled.  I did better than I thought I would.  I think I can at least put up a fight with the other blue belts here.  A few of them got me, some of them didn't get me, and I even managed to get one of them.  


And nothing beats being able to just walk about 30 seconds back home and jump in the pool after training.  I don't think that'll ever get old.  Now I've got the whole day to do, well, whatever I want.  I'll probably use it to, you nothing.  If I want to hit two a days I'm going to need some energy.