I wish I had more fun things to post, but the fact of the matter is that I've been battling a pretty serious cold for the past two days.  It was really cold on Monday and then on Tuesday it rained the entire damned day.  I missed two days of trianing because of the sickness combined with the fact that I left my gi's out in the rain like a moron.


However today things started to look up.  The weather took a turn for the better, hopefully for the long run.  It's a bit overcast but that's perfect compared to what it was like yesterday.


I did manage to get out to class last night, which was good.  Today at noon I headed to the competition training class at Gordo's which was a bit tiring.  I only rolled with other blue belts but we were going 100% and starting from standing and since I'm still a little bit sick I had zero strength.  If people passed my guard it was pretty much done, I had no bridge in me.  


More pictures soon I swear.  This is really just a "hey I'm alive" update.