Graduation and Anniversary

So I'm finally better, and the weather is finally taking a turn for the awesome.  Just as good, as today was the 4th anniversary of Gordo's Barra da Tijuca academy, which is the one I've been training at these past two weeks.  I thought it'd be interesting to point out just how close this place is to the Connection Rio house.


So here's the standard view of the property from the main room of the house.  Nice isn't it?  We walk to the top and out the door and turn right.


What a nice, quiet little street.  Nothing much happens, and the only noise is usually just everyone's dogs barking like mad at each other every now and then.  We walk about, oh, 6 or 7 houses down to the corner intersection.



And there it is, the two story building on the left.  Makes it kinda hard to come up with an excuse for missing class doesn't it?


So the fun part about this Saturday was that aforementioned celebration of the academy.  Food (delicious sandwiches and cakes and fruit) was provided and Gordo said some nice words.


 One of the guys from the house got his blue belt, which was awesome since he was the first one called up and had to stand in front of everyone sheepishly for the entire ceremony.  People were rolling and laughing and generally having a good time.  At one point I tried to see how many famous BJJ people I could get into one photograph.  Here's the result.


It's blurry (damned point and shoot), but this picture has in it Denis Asche, Hillary Williams, Raphael dos Anjos, Gordo, and amazingly enough, Renzo Gracie.  Neato.  The Connection Rio guys got interviews with almost all of them so it'll be great to see once the video is all cut together.


Time to take some time off and heal a bit.  Gonna just get some vanilla exercise in this weekend and start strong on Monday.  Gotta get that weight down before the 21st.