I am absolutely dead right now.  I guess I should probably explain why.


So at Gordo's academy their are two general gi based BJJ classes.  One is at 8am and one is at 6pm.  There is technically a 7:30pm class but it's really just a chill session for people who showed up late for the 6pm class.  In addition to this, there is competition training (at least for the time being) on MWF at noon.  In addition to THAT, Dennis teaches a "gringo" class at 2pm (or about that time) that focuses a bit on conditioning with some really good technique sequences thrown in.


We've had a buncha new people in the house over the last few days and that's usually always good for getting people off their asses and getting to the morning classes.  When I first arrived I was all about em, but that waned a litlte bit.  Now that new people are here and ready to go, their are people mulling about early enough to wake me up and get my sorry ass off for the 8am class.  I finally made it today which was great, since Gordo is back and he was teaching.  First Gordo class yay!  It was good training, but not super hard.  I decided to head to the gringo class at 3pm (it got pushed back a bit).  This is where I proceeded to get smoked.  You know it's going to be a hard training session when the instructor asks, "Who's competing", and you're the only idiot in the room stupid enough to actually raise your hand.  


My face kinda hurts, but other than that I'm fine.  My weight seems to be doing well, 84 kilo's this morning with the gi on (it needs to be 82.3).  Gonna skip out on the evening class tonight (I can't do 3-a-days) and get some food in me in preparation for the morning.