Rio Open 2011

So it's time for my Rio Open write up.  As many of you may already know, I lost in the first round via a nice straight armbar.  My opponent was an Alliance fighter from California who went on to take bronze in the division.  He also managed to triangle the other blue belt in my division that was staying in the house.  Dude just had our number I guess.




We hopped a taxi over to the venue.  I must say the ride over there was beautiful.  Imagine driving over the Shenandoah mountains, if they contained one of the largest cities in the world.  We got there and I chilled a bit soaking it all in.  The Tijuca Tennis Clube is HUGE.  The area in these pictures is only a small fractional part of the entire thing.  I'm pretty sure it's basically a country club in the middle of the city that takes up an entire city block.  I waited 10-15 min for my division, threw on my gi, weighed in (80.7kg), strapped on my pretty belt and got ready to fight another gringo.


Before this though my paranoia had managed to help several other people.  They were being very strict about gi lengths before you were allowed to fight.  One of our guys (Niall, who was in my division) was told he needed to find another gi because the circumference of his sleeves in relation to his arms was too small (wtf?).  Luckily, that morning, I had woken up early and thrown my 7th Son Shoyoroll in the dryer to take as a spare.  I chucked it to Niall, and all was good.


Stepping onto the mats was a bit crazy.  It's a weird, crazy, and exhilarating feeling just to take those few steps to the center of the arena.  Hell, just having done that I knew that win or lose I was gonna be proud of myself.

My opponent pulled open guard on me and went immediately for a De la Riva hook.  I moved to push the hook out and broke my posture a bit too much.  He threw up a loop choke which I defended but he used my crappy base at the time as an opportunity to sweep me.  I landed in half guard and as he went to pass I bridged into him and instead of trying to flatten me out he immediately tried to jump for my far arm.  I rolled out and came back up into his open guard.  Back with the De la Riva hook he put some insane pressure on my hips with his feet and when I pushed back he threw up a triangle.  As I postured to defend the triangle he moved to push my arm back, which I thought was an attempt to transition to an omoplata, but was apparently a nice move to a nasty straight armbar, and I had to tap.  The whole ordeal took maybe less than 2 minutes.  It was quick, but definitely an amazing experience.




As it turns out, Connection Rio as a whole was just having a shitty shitty day.  

  • Me - Lost via Armbar
  • Donal - Lost via Kimura
  • Fiddy - Lost via Points
  • Dave - Lost via Armbar
  • Emma - Lost via Armbar
  • Arthur - Lost via Advantage
  • Niall - Won via Advantage, Won via Points, Lost via Triangle
So as goes with most things we decided to drink our sorrows (or at least, eat them in my case).  It was Gary the drunk Irishmans last night out on the town too.  We were practically required too.
Also I choked out the cat (kidding that cat loves me).