Tuesday Fun Run


So I figured it was time to get rolling with an actual blog post on this website.  I'll start simple, with some training results.  About a month ago I was a proud member of the "running is the devil because I can barely go a mile in less than 12 minutes" club.  Now I'm proud to say I'm a member of the "running is the devil but I'll do it damnit" club.


Seriously though, about a month ago I could barely run a mile without completely sucking wind.  On our first major morning workout, my buddy Erik decided a 3 mile jog would be a good warmup.  I pushed through...somehow.  Since then I've been running a 5K for warmups or when I have no real training schedule at night.  Sometimes I have to stay at work late and a good run is forced to take the place of actual jiu-jitsu training.  The results of what I did today aren't spectacular by any means, but I'm pretty sure it's the fastest I've ever run (that's sad really).  


I'm using the Nike+ app on my iPhone.  I didn't intend to use this feature but a few weeks ago I went out to buy new running shoes.  Turns out I got some Nike's that came built with a pocket in the sole of the shoe for you to put the sensor.  All later model iPhones come with the software and connectivity already installed so all I had to do was buy the sensor and drop it in the shoe.  It's incredibly accurate and allows for tons of options.  Run as long as you want, run for 'x' number of minutes, run a certain distance, etc.  I recommend it.  Plus when people are like "liar", you can just show 'em the screen and be like "what now?"