Brazilian Currency

Apparently, as I've recently discovered, Brazil has had a wild history with regards to its official currency.  All I really knew at first was that the current currency is called the Real (a fact I only discovered when I went to throw down a deposit on where I'd be staying).  Turns out they've had about 7/8 different currencies sicne the late 1700's.


My father was going through some of his old belongings and came across such a currency.  He came down and was like "hey, found this, I bet you can use it".  What he handed me was a 100 Cruzeiro note, seen here.


At first I was excited.  "Hot damn", I thought, "a free hundred...uh...whatevers!".  I knew their was an exchange rate and that the currency didn't go 1:1 with the US dollar but I'll always take free cash.  I got suspicious though when I realized I had never seen anything like this (except maybe in a Simpsons episode).   

The wikipedia page on the cruzeiro says more than I ever could in a small article.  Especially check the bottom where you see a timetable of the currency.  Unfortunately I think the only value in the note I have will be to a collector.  I'm sure I can catch a few bucks for it if I really want to but as it's not currently backed by any recognized government, it's really only worth the paper and ink it's printed on/with, and maybe sentimental or historical value to someone else.