Flight Hell

So my flight down here was an exercise in confusion.


I arrived at Dulles to find out that I had apparently been swapped from a US Airways flight to a United flight.  I booked the flight through Orbitz and I received no notice that this had happened.  So instead of Dulles->Charlotte->Rio I was going Dulles->Sao Paulo.  First, the check-in lady gave me the connecting ticket (Sao Paulo->Rio) so I got denied at security (obviously), and had to go back up to get the DC->Sao Paulo ticket.  Then, at security, apparently bar soap (which I was carrying out of a pure random selection of things I couldn't fit in my bag) looks like a water bottle on the x-ray machines, so I got stopped and harrassed for a bit.  Yay...  Oh yeah, and the original flight was scheduled to depart at 7:50pm.  The new one?  10:35pm.  Great...  (oh, and I kept getting email updates from Orbitz telling me things like "that 7:50pm flight is on time" and "you've arrived in North Carolina yay!")


I finally get on the plane and pass the hell out.  We arrive in Sao Paulo and the connection is pretty easy.  It's a long flight, 9+ hours, but I've done the 14+ hour long flight to Japan so I'm used to it by now.  At no point has my complete lack of Portuguese been an issue.  I flop off the plane in Rio and collect my things.  Now here's where it's a little wonky.  I had told Dennis that I was going to get in at 9:15am.  Well that obviously changed.  I arrived just before noon.  I had emailed him this fact when I found out but my phone had been off for the last 12 or so hours so I had no idea if he got it or not.  Turns out he didn't.  That's where the glory of the international GSM phone (my iPhone) comes in handy.  Just whipped it open and called him.  Yeah it's like $2+ per minute but who cares.  I explained everything, hopped in a cab, and now I'm here.


It's a really nice place.  It's a bit quiet right now because apparently a buncha guys went on a bit of a bender last night.  There's a BBQ planned though, so I am the king of good timing.  I'll take lots of awesome pictures and post 'em later.