Hello Connection Rio!

That's kinda a nerd joke as the title, I'm proud (sad) to admit.


So like I said I apparently picked an interesting day to come.  Alcohol is banned in the house, but today Dennis gave a general amnesty to everyone so they could have a massive BBQ.  He showed up briefly to do some painting but other than that he was scarce, leaving us to our own devices.  People were out and about to greet me, which was awesome.  Everyone is super friendly, and they've all got their own quirks.  Between the two houses (their are two houses, across the street from each other) their are about 20 or so people, and I'm one of 3 Americans.  Here's a run down of what we've got.


Americans, Germans, Irish, Welsh, English, Australian, Belgians, Danes, Scottish (edit: forgot the Swede).


I think that's everyone.  It's one of the most international places I've ever been, and I come from DC, which is pretty damned international.  When we go out it's like a walking joke set-up.  Here's a good one.  A Brazilian, American, German, and Dane all go to the supermarket in Rio...  I leave you with a few pictures, including a drunken triangle (the whole point of this trip was BJJ right?).