Random Thoughts

I've got some random observations on my short time here so far.  I'm sitting in my bed watching Simpsons episodes before I pass out so I thought I'd share.  In no particular order...

  • There is a popular supermarket chain named Mundial.  This leads to a lot of people saying they're "heading out to the mundial".  Mundial is Portuguese for "worldwide" and is used to describe BJJ World's (or, the mundials).
  • There is a fast food chain named Bob's Burgers.  I absolutely must try it.
  • I have a strange desire to track down a McDonalds and see what kinds of regional foods they have on the menu.
  • It is absurdly cold in Rio right now.  It pretty much rained all day.  Wtf?
  • Expanding on that, I'm glad I'm in the common room.  There are 6 guys in a room (1 bed, 1 double bunk bed, 1 triple bunk bed) and the amount of body heat we generate in the middle of the night makes it bearable.
  • Electronics are retardedly expensive here.
  • I found a place advertising "Rodizio de Crepe".  If this is a place where you sit and waiters bring you all different types of crepes for as much as you can eat then I'm never leaving.
  • (edit) 10+ dudes will crush a tiny store bought router