Chill Friday

I ended up training waaayyyy too much on Friday.  The morning class was particularly rough on me for some reason.  I told myself I was gonna go and observe the 2pm gringo class but Dennis convinced me to throw on a gi and get at it (this just after he told me I should mitigate myself a bit so that I didn't overtrain and/or hurt myself).


So then came the lazy Friday.  Small groups of people went and got food here and there, but in the end a lot of people ended up just staying in the house having a few beers and generally just engaging in tomfoolery.  So, I present a small sampling of what foreigners do when they're bored on a Friday.  This includes shotgunning beers, pretending to be Bruce Lee, and messing with the cat (who was suoer cool about everything).  Plus I know all anyone really wants is pictures.