Weekend's and Raining

Headed out with the rest of the house this past Saturday to catch the (amazing) UFC 132 card.  One of the black belts who teaches at Gordo's (Rommel) owns a bar about 2 blocks away called Bar do Oswaldo.  We figured since Rafael dos Anjos was on the card, that they'd be playing the fight.  Turns out they weren't.  We had to walk a bit to a local sports bar to catch em.  Anything "over the bridge" (across the freeway) is towards Barra beach and usually things get increasingly nice as you head closer to the shore.  We had a damned good time and got some grub afterwards.


Sunday was a bit of a lazy day for me, as I had told myself that I would take at least one day a week and do no training.  Peter the Belgian decided to graciously cook up an awesome chicken stew for the entire house.  He marinated it over night with red wine and rosemary, and then cooked it up with some olives and sardines.  A good meal was had by all.


Unfortunately today is proving to be a lazy day as well.  I'm a bit under the weather (although amazing orange juice is helping with that).  In addition, it rained last night, and I stupidly forgot to take all of my clothes off of the wire, so every single gi I have is completely soaked.  


In other random news, it was brought to my attention that there is an alive and well avocado tree in the yard of the house that drops like, an avocado or two a day.  They're perfectly edible and as fresh as could humanely be.  Sweet.