Drilling, Ecuadorians, Ipanema

Yesterday was a pretty eventful and fun filled day for sure, even though it didn't look like it was going to start that way.  For the past week+ I've actually had a really nasty scar/scab on my arm.  It started as a small cut/bug bite and has quickly grown out of control.  Basically it heals just enough between training sessions to develop a bit of a scab and then without fail tears every single class.  I talked to Dennis and one of the guys at the gym who's a doctor and they told me that after the Rio Open I should just take like a solid 3/4 days off to let it heal completely or else it'll scar and might get infected.  As is I have to put a lot of ointment on it and alcohol (alcool as it's called down here) after every training session, which sometimes stings like a bitch.

So yesterday I went to Dennis' class and just did warm-ups and drills, but used the time to take some pretty awesome pictures.  There's a group of guys here from Ecuador that are competing under Team Predador and they are all full of fight.  That plus the black belt who'm we call, aptly, Predador, is amazing.





So after the class a bunch of guys decided to head to Copacabana to check out some of the fight shops.  We hopped the craziest bus in the world and took the 20-25 min ride over their.  Great scenery and great beaches.  The fight shops themselves were nothing special unfortunately.  No real crazy stuff and the prices are a bit insane.  Nothing I can't get back in the states.  A bit of a shame really.

Afterwards we headed back a bit into Ipanema and got some food and then parked our asses at Shenanigans, the Irish pub.  I had a true Brazilian caipirinha and we all had some good times.  There were even flaming shots involved.  Now I just gotta rest up, watch my weight, and train like mad through this weekend.




And to top it off, here's the new Real Rio Show featuring some neato interviews with awesome people from the BJJ world.