Sights and Sounds of Rio

It's a lazy Sunday here in Rio.  One that I'm using to cut a bit more weight by running and jump roping in the sun (isn't as awesome as it sounds).  I've collected a few random pictures of the sights and scenes around Rio and I figured I'd share.  Got nothing else to do today.


Up first is the bum passed out next to his wheel chair.  It was like high noon and everyone was sitting in the cafe next to him just going about their business.  When we walked back from the beach he was up, in his wheelchair, and eating so good on him.


2nd up we have Gordo playing volleyball with some of the other black belts at the gym.  This one was just plain funny.


Next up is the moderately famous Pepe's (Barra) Beach party camel.  This Arab guy walks around the beach each day dressed in full Arab sheik attire wheeling around a plastic camel that blasts crazy music and sells grilled falafel thingies out of its butt.  No joke.


We follow that with the pink electrified fence house in our neck of the woods.  Yeah...


You think America does bacon good.  Pft, pansies (yes this is an actual "piece" of bacon we picked up at the market).



And that concludes the series' of random pictures not worthy of their own post.  I'm sure I'll have a ton of good ones forthcoming since the Rio Open is on Thursday (yipes!).