Lots o' Stuff

It's been so long since I've done an update that the only way I can remind myself of what I've been up to is to just go back through the pictures and just comment a little bit on all of em.


Sometimes even a pretty girl can't steal away the gaze of the nerds...


This was before we all started drinking and headed out to 399, which is a local street bar about a block away from the beach.  There are like 4 bars smushed right up next to each other and they just all spill out into the street and it's impossible to tell the clientelle apart.  It's a good time and a favorite local hangout.  People will usually hit it up before heading into Ipanema/Copacabana for the crazy night life.  Plus there are cool people there.


The VERY next night we headed out to the local SporTV to watch the fights.  Guess who showed up AGAIN? (and brought a huge ass crowd with them)


Both Nogs, bigfoot, Cavalcante, Feijao, and others whom Pat probably knows.  They were sitting right next to us in a private area while we were at the bar the entire time.  Was pretty neat.


The next day I headed out to the hippie fair at General Ossorio square in Ipanema.  It's been around since the 60's and has slowly grown and become a little bit of a tourist destination.  I heard an incredible amount of English from all of the toursists walking around.  Made me appreciate the little known non-touristy area in which I was staying.  We saw a cool road-warrior dude.


I bought some souveniers and then headed out with some of the guys to Ipanema beach where we witnessed a cool helicopter water rescue.



The following week was a bit interesting.  We all gathered together on Tuesday night...


And went here (in Leblon).


It was definitely an interesting experience but didn't exactly go how we wanted to.  People were running late, instructors included.  It took forever for 15 of us to change.  The mat space definitely couldn't accommodate the extra amount of people and in addition, they ended class early to celebrate a birthday.  It was definitely an experience and fun but I barely got to train at all.  Their will be some good footage hopefully in an upcoming Real Rio Show.


But then came this weekend, and we got a bit Jersey Shored up (as we're now watching it as a family on Friday nights).


We 399'd it again and played the ole' "how bad is Jamal's eyesight" game.









Damned angry Belgian.


And finally, there was an awesome MMA event last night that a bunch of us went to.  Free VIP entry and free booze (which was not something we knew of previously).


Paul I didn't know you were black and in Rio.


He didn't do too well.


We got drunk and danced on chairs (which we got told not to do in Portuguese...I think).


Their are plenty of stories but I don't have the energy to tell them at the moment.  I leave with this.  Dennis got some swag (a Yank, t-shirt's, a hoodie) from Shoyoroll and got a buncha these, one of which he passed on to me.  I'll look all baller once I've got it on my gi.