Cross Promotions

Mr. BJJ Globetrotter asked me to write up a guest review for his amazing around the world burger project.  Go check it out.

I'm Out!

Next post from Rio (hopefully)!


I thought I'd throw up a little mini-update before I left work for the weekend.  


My good friend, the man who got me into BJJ, and up until 2 weeks ago my roommate of 2 years (I see how it is), Patrick Tenney, is a regular contributor to the popular MMA website Bloody Elbow.  He contributes commentary on various grappling related phenomenon that take place during MMA fights and has recently been authoring some articles which focus specifically on the grappling world.  Apparently BE is trying to push out their coverage of this slice of life a bit more and I wholeheartedly endorse it.  


His latest article is a great write-up on the upcoming Kurt Pellegrino vs. Ryan Hall superfight at Grapplers Quest this weekend (an event that's probably going to be overshadowed by Strikeforce fights)  Give it a look.  He's embedded some amazing videos of Hall, including one where he bests Hermes Franca and sports the world's most awesome back take technique.  A technique which, I might add, works disturbingly well.  I don't do it well, but Yuuki sure does and he's hell to get off your back once he's there.


And in completely unrelated news, I've been having issues with the Twitter feed module that's supposed to be serving tweets for @riodejamalgo in the upper-right header portion of the website.  I'll get to fixing it this weekend hopefully.

Competition Beard

So I figured a little poll would generate some rolling interest in what I was doing.  But what, you ask, would I have you vote on?  That's when I noticed my "I have South Asian blood in me" beard was getting quite long.  Perfect, I'll grow my beard out.


But, well, let's be honest, that isn't really a feat or anything is it?  Then, suddenly, a second idea struck whilst I was browsing pictures of the 2011 Mundials (World's).  I saw this picture and decided I needed a sweet (stupid) competition beard to throw my opponents off.


So, I'm going to continue growing the beard out until the Rio Open, and then shave it in the style my friends/family/random internet strangers have decided would best suit me for the sake of hilarity.  Vote damn you.

Aww Damnit...

Well, looks like I have to actually update this blog regularly and be like...professional and what not.  Crap.