Photo's Yay!

Time for more "shots around town".  I made an unholy amount of ground chicken that lasted me for a damned long time.  I've found generic meat and tortillas to be a nice, quick, easy, and healthy meal while I'm out here.  Plus it's fun to cook.  


We kept on the tradition of checking out various gyms in town.  On Tuesday we headed to Nova Geracao in Leblon, just right around the corner from the Alliance academy that we visited the week prior.  It was a small class but an amazingly nice facility.  The instructor and all of the students were incredibly helpful and the class was great.  I do love training at Gordo's but it's always nice to get a different perspective.  I had a damned good roll with one of their purple belts so I definitely felt good after the experience.  Also the instructor gave us free patches as we were leaving.  Stand up dude.


The next day we noticed that the monkeys had become a bit more brazen than they used to be.  I think we've been feeding them too many bananas.



Later on Wednesday we accidentally (yes, seriously, accidentally) discovered a restaurant in Barra Shopping that sold 3.5 litre, uh, gigantic table tubs, of beer.  We weren't even planning on drinking but I mean, how do I say no?  Also we were there at happy hour and got the entire bill at half off without even realizing it.  Best Wednesday ever.


The next morning (yes...morning...) we all headed out to Gavea to check out Leao Texeira's academy.  One of the guys in the house, Rory, trains out of this academy instead of Gordo's because Teixeira is his home instructor's instructor and it isn't too terribly far away.  We helped with the kids class and then did the 11am adult class which was pretty much just us (a buncha blue belts) and Rory (brown belt) and Teixeira instructors (black belts).  Twas a good ass kicking.  We met a cat along the way who was not amused.




This weekend unfortunately it was really really crappy and has been raining the entire time.  Since this is my 2nd to last weekend here I decided to just take it easy.  Next weekend (my last) is UFC Rio so I'm sure it'll be a bit crazy and I'll need the extra energy.  In the meantime I've upped everyone's spirits with Audiosurf.  Sweet sweet Audiosurf.