So this is a basic rundown of my finances.  A common question for people is "umm...isn't this expensive?".  Yes, yes it is.  Some of the people on Sherdog were very helpful in shedding some light on the cost situation.  Saving for this trip is paramount.  I cut corners wherever I could.  I tried to talk down people on monthly payments.  I contemplated selling my car (it's old anyways).  A lot ended up happening that made the whole thing a hell of  a lot easier than I thought it was going to be, which turned out great.  Now I can splurge a bit on food and what not while I'm there.


I've got a bit more than $7K put away in savings.  That money doesn't include the $1,300 round trip plane ticket which I already purchased.  All in all I've saved about $2K more than I need, which should leave me with considerable wiggle room while I'm down there.  I (obviously) didn't account for the extra month of salary that'd arise from my broken hand.